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Engineering Services

Often overlooked, some of the worst engineering disasters of modern times have been the result of improper sealing design and configuration.


That's why at Gallagher, Engineering is central to every project and solution we deliver.

If there's a sealing failure, Gallagher can deliver a sealing solution. Our engineering team is amongst the most experienced and talented in the industry. Because of our position as an independent distributor for some of the world's largest sealing manufacturers, it allows us the freedom to be truly objective and analyze the optimal sealing configuration for your application.

Utilizing cutting-edge analytical and design tools, our full-time mechanical engineers work with customers to design a custom solution for their critical sealing applications.

Through a collaborative process, our mechaincal engineers and sales engineers ensure all aspects of the application are thoroughly considered to elimate surprises at the completion of your project. Our tried & proven "Engineered Sealing System" design process can help take stress from the potential of sealing failures.

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Gallagher also offers Rapid Prototyping

  • Applications
    • Rapid prototyping
    • Maintenance needs
    • Small quantity production runs
  • Profiles
    • Rod, Piston & Wiper Seals
    • O-Rings and customer profiles
  • Materials
    • Polyurethane, Elastomers (NBR, FKM, EPDM, HNBR)
    • PTFE, Filled PTFE
  • Size
    • Rings from ½” to 36”

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