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 Fluid Power

There is no more critical component within a fluid power system than the seals. Fluid Power is the harnessing of air or liquid to power machinery or equipment. The ability to keep and use that media is the most critical aspect of the fluid power sealing application. 

For 60 years Gallagher engineers have grown their fluid power sealing expertise. Fluid power seals need to withstand higher pressures and more extreme environments. While also having to last longer and seal against evolving fluids.  Strong materials, design expertise and manufacturing excellence allow Gallagher to deliver seals that exceed these challenges.


Moore’s law, named after Intel and Fairchild Semiconductor founder Gordon Moore, predicted that the density of integrated circuits, or chips, would double every two years.  For 50 years that prediction has been met through breakneck innovation in manufacturing processes and equipment.  What allows for this continued advancement in wafer construction?  In a word, purity. 

Like many sealing applications contamination is the enemy of sealing performance.  In typical industrial sealing applications contamination is measured in millimeters, in the semiconductor industry it is measured in microns. 

This pursuit of environmental purity causes unique semiconductor sealing challenges.  Various wafer-fabricating operations; such as deposition, etch, ash/strip, thermal and wet, utilize caustic chemicals at extreme temperatures.  Traditional elastomers don’t stand a chance in these environments. 

 Chemical Processing

Sealing solutions in the chemical processing industry are expected to last longer, deliver higher levels of purity, and meet several industry certifications such as FDA, BAM or 90/128 EEC.  Aggressive media, toxic by-products and high levels of temperatures and pressure add up to an extreme sealing environment.  The impact of a seal failure in a Chemical Processing environment is often catastrophic.  It is critical to evaluate all failure considerations before specifying any seal or gasket.


The Aerospace industry is synonymous with Safety, Performance and Innovation.  Both civilian and military sealing applications push the limit.  Industry trends such as increased fuel efficiency, lighter equipment, more extreme altitudes and temperature considerations all have significant sealing application impacts.

Gallagher offers products manufactured in accordance with AS9100 specifications.  Internal quality standards ensure that components supplied within the aerospace industry have all the required quality documentation, and have undergone extensive QC inspection, verification and assurance before arriving at the customer. 

 Energy, Oil & Gas

Few industries have seen as much change and upheaval as the energy sector over the past decade.  Volatile commodity markets, coupled with dynamic chemical and engineering innovation has left a more diversified marketplace for the manufacturing and distribution of energy and power. 

From a sealing perspective this means new and exciting sealing applications within solar, wind and thermal energy.  More traditional petroleum and fossil fuel exploration and extraction continues to occur in more extreme and challenging environments.  This impacts not only the primary extraction equipment, but all ancillary pumping, processing and motion control equipment.

 General Industrial Applications

Gallagher Fluid Seals specializes in solving engineered sealing challenges.  Industrial applications such as fuel dispensing, pumping, processing equipment and machine tools are the backbone of the global manufacturing industry.  While more specialized markets and industries such as medical, semiconductor, fluid power, and aerospace have evolved with unique and specialized sealing challenges, general industrial sealing represents the majority of applications for Gallagher to solve problems and design solutions.

 Life Sciences

Gallagher Fluid Seals has a strong presence within the Medical and Life Science Industries.  Being the first seal distributor to achieve ISO 9001 certification, a robust quality system is at the heart of all company activities.  This quality focus is required to participate within the heavily regulated medical and life science markets.

Gallagher offers a wide-range of USP Class VI and FDA materials.  These materials are supplied in both standard and custom shapes.  Medical and Life Science applications include medical device, diagnostic equipment, drug delivery, pharmaceutical manufacturing and biotechnology.

 Heavy Equipment

The Heavy Equipment industry consists of large equipment within the Mining, Power Generation, Marine and Construction markets.  The common theme is that the equipment is expensive, operates in extreme environments, interacts with corrosive media and needs to perform at 100% capacity over long periods between maintenance breakdowns. 


The processing and analysis of fluids and media is a growing industrial segment.  The convergence of traditional fluid power and motion control technology, coupled with advanced analytical capabilities has fueled rapid innovation and growth in both areas. 

Precise valve technology is at the heart of the modern instrumentation market.  There is no more critical component within a valve than the seal.  Products such as Flow Meters move gas and air through manufacturing systems, regulating and controlling highly accurate counts at the atomic level.  Advanced industrial and medical laboratories require the analysis of fluids for both composition and size.  Semiconductor equipment relies on precise amounts of corrosive gases pumped into chemical deposition chambers for purification so the next wafer can be manufactured.

 Pulp & Paper

Gallagher Fluid Seals has over 50-years of experience providing the pulp & paper industry with sealing products used throughout the mill.  Our main goal is to help our customers reduce downtime, increase efficiency, conserve resources, and improve safety in all paper processing applications.

For all stages of the paper making process, from debarking, to the digester, to rolling, Gallagher can offer sealing technologies that improve productivity and increase your bottom line.  We also offer value-added services, such as expansion joint surveys, pump and packing schools, gasket measurement and installation assistance, and many others.  We want to be your partner and not just your supplier - your success is our success.

 Marine Sealing

Whether carrying passengers or cargo, for commercial, recreational, or military purposes, Gallagher can supply all of your marine sealing needs.

Representing industry-leading manufacturers such as Vesconte Bearings, Garlock, Parker, Thermoseal, EagleBurgmann, and more, we can supply bearings, gaskets, ABS-approved expansion joints (whether elastomeric or metal), oil seals, mechanical seals, o-rings, etc,.


Using water to generate electricity is not a new idea. With 16.6% of the world's total electricity produced in 2015 coming from hydro-electric plants, and an estimated 3.1% annual growth rate over the next 25 years, it's not going anywhere either.

Gallagher has supplied sealing solutions to hydro-electric plants in New England and all along the east coast for over 50 years.  We have supplied products for all major turbine manufacturers - Kaplan, Pelton/Turgo, and Francis turbines - as well as many other smaller turbine manufacturers.