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This 90 durometer black nitrile (NBR) o-ring provides an increased hardness for tough applications. NBR o-rings offer the best combination of properties across a variety of o-ring applications. Nitrile compounds perform well in gasoline, crude oil, power-steering fluid, hexane, toluene, water, water-based hydraulic fluids, and dilute bases, such as sodium hydroxide.

Because nitriles contain unsaturated carbon-carbon bonds in the base polymer, they are not suitable for exposure to ozone, sunlight, and weathering.

Product Name Qty Price SizeSeriesCS (In.)ColorInner Diameter (Nom.)Outer Diameter (Nom.)
OR-568 001 NBR 90A Black $0.02
001000 Series1/32 In.Black1/32 In.3/32 In.
OR-568 002 NBR 90A Black $0.02
002000 Series3/64 In.Black3/64 In.9/64 In.
OR-568 003 NBR 90A Black $0.02
003000 Series1/16 In.Black1/16 In.3/16 In.
OR-568 004 NBR 90A Black $0.02
004000 Series1/16 In.Black5/64 In.13/64 In.
OR-568 005 NBR 90A Black $0.02
005000 Series1/16 In.Black3/32 In.7/32 In.
OR-568 006 NBR 90A Black $0.02
006000 Series1/16 In.Black1/8 In.1/4 In.
OR-568 007 NBR 90A Black $0.02
007000 Series1/16 In.Black5/32 In.9/32 In.
OR-568 008 NBR 90A Black $0.02
008000 Series1/16 In.Black3/16 In.5/16 In.
OR-568 009 NBR 90A Black $0.02
009000 Series1/16 In.Black7/32 In.11/32 In.
OR-568 010 NBR 90A Black $0.02
010000 Series1/16 In.Black1/4 In.3/8 In.
OR-568 011 NBR 90A Black $0.02
011000 Series1/16 In.Black5/16 In.7/16 In.
OR-568 012 NBR 90A Black $0.02
012000 Series1/16 In.Black3/8 In.1/2 In.
OR-568 013 NBR 90A Black $0.02
013000 Series1/16 In.Black7/16 In.9/16 In.
OR-568 014 NBR 90A Black $0.02
014000 Series1/16 In.Black1/2 In.5/8 In.
OR-568 015 NBR 90A Black $0.02
015000 Series1/16 In.Black9/16 In.11/16 In.