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For more than twenty years, EagleBurgmann Cartex Cartridge Seals have demonstrated a proven track record in sealing applications on all standard pump types in a wide range of industries including chemical, water supply, paper production, food processing and more. Cartex does not utilize a modular design platform like many others.



  • Min. Temperature:-40 F/-40 C
  • Max. Temperature:428 F/220 C

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Product Name Qty Price Operating TemperatureSizeMaterial
Cartex ANSI 1.375 Carbon/Silicon/Viton/316SS $1,125.00
-40F to 428F1.375 In.Carbon/silicon/viton/316ss
Cartex ANSI 1.375 Silicon/Silicon/Viton/316SS $1,387.00
-40F to 428F1.375 In.Silicon/silicon/viton/316ss
Cartex ANSI 1.750 Carbon/Silicon/Viton/316SS $1,168.00
-40F to 428F1.750 In.Carbon/silicon/viton/316ss
Cartex ANSI 1.750 Silicon/Silicon/Viton/316SS $1,461.00
-40F to 428F1.750 In.Silicon/silicon/viton/316ss
Cartex ANSI 1.875 Carbon/Silicon/Viton/316SS $1,207.00
-40F to 428F1.875 In.Carbon/silicon/viton/316ss
Cartex ANSI 1.875 Silicon/Silicon/Viton/316SS $1,509.00
-40F to 428F1.875 In.Silicon/silicon/viton/316ss